Schmitt's Lawn Care, Inc.

- If you will be requiring the application of fertilizers, weed & / or insect control chemicals, State law requires businesses posses:

1.A current Pesticide Business License issued by the VA Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

2.At least 1 employee of that business must posses a current  Pesticide Applicator's Certificate issued by VDACS.

3.A current Fertilizer Applicator Certification issued by VDACS.

We maintain all of these licenses and strongly suggest that you request to a copy of these licenses along with a copy of a current liability insurance policy from any business that you consider hiring.


Here are a few things to consider when choosing a

Landscaping / Lawn Care company:


- ALL of our employees are English speaking, American citizens, providing for families right here in our own community.

- Our employees are paid by the hour, not by the job. This puts an emphasis on quality & workmanship, not haste & sloppiness.

- Our employees are required to wear a company uniform in order to project professionalism as well as being easily identified by our clients.

 - We are a "smoke free" company & therefore do not allow our employees to smoke while on the jobsite.