Landscape Installations: We do the job right the first time! With the use of chemical weed barriers & geo-textiles, to insure that your ornamental beds remain "weed free" for as long as possible.

Mulch & Decorative Stone: Unless requested otherwise by a client, we ALWAYS use a granular pre-emergent weed control chemical when we are applying mulch &/ or stone. PLUS, we will maintain your mulch/ decorative beds, keeping them free of weeds for the entire season IF you also contract us to mow your lawn for the season!

Ornamental Plantings: Trees, shrubs, flowers, ground covers,  etc... we install them all.

Seeding: (new & established lawns) We use only the highest quality seed cultivars recommended for our climate zone. Don't be fooled by a competitor's low price. Ask "what type of seed will you be using on my lawn". The type of grass seed used can make a HUGE difference in the price as well as the results!

Weed & Insect Control: We maintain a Pesticide Business License & Commercial Applicators License, which is required by state law for the application of weed & insect control chemicals. We are also equipped to do applications on large areas.

Pruning: We prune year-round as appropriate to the plant species. We also perform corrective pruning.

Fertilization Programs: With many levels of fertilization, pre-emergence & post emergence applications, we can help you choose a plan that will meet your need as well as your budget. We also maintain a Fertilizer Applicators Certification which is also required by state law for the application of fertilizers by anyone other than the property owners.

Soil Analysis: This takes the guesswork out of what amendments are needed for each property. We recommend this service to anyone seeking the very healthiest lawn.

Core-Plug Aeration: Hard, compacted soils take away your lawn's ability to breath. It prevents water & fertilizer from reaching the roots. Core-plug aeration will open up your soil creating thousands of growth pockets to catch water, air, fertilizer & increase rooting. It can also help control thatch build-up as well.

Our Services:

Mowing: Weekly, bi-weekly or temporary while you are out of town. Give us a call & we'll take care of it.

Schmitt's Lawn Care, Inc.